WHOOOOSH….and it’s Nine Months Later!!

The Lord works in mysterious ways is all I can say! The past two years, 2020 and 2021 were completely upside down and surreal in many ways. My absence from this blog has certainly had nothing to do with apathy. Quite the opposite!

My dad’s health has been declining, so lots of daily attention via calls and visits until we moved him this past February to an Assisted Living facility. Because of the mandates, many trained staff have left or chose to do travelling medicine as Registered Nurses, which left nursing home and assisted living facilities in dire straits. But God answered prayers and we were able to secure dad a beautiful little apartment.

Patriot groups began to spring up everywhere in Wisconsin and a local one attracted my attention and involvement. That led to a decision to run for a County Board Supervisor position. The election is April 5th and I am in high gear for door-knocking and meeting folks in my district.

My passion, Girl for God Ministries and speaking waned with the Covid issues and many cancelled gigs. I was asked to do virtual/Zoom events, but I had to decline as talking to a screen is not invigorating in the least to me. I feed off energy from a live audience, so that depleted my speaking opps for a long time.

However, in the midst of planning and organizing a campaign, I had accepted a weekend speaking gig months ago that was held last weekend, March 11th and 12th on the other side of the state. It was amazing and so rewarding to be in front of a group again. God was at the helm and I rode along delivering a message that resonated with many of the women that shared with me, and hopefully with many that didn’t share with me.

I wanted to check in with you all, now back to work!

Blessings, dori:) Candidate for District 10 Eau Claire County Board

Event Coordinater Barb Lippert and me
Speaker Dori…making a point 🙂