Register Online for Blended & Blessed Livestream!

2019 StepRx BlendedBlessed livestream flyer  It’s EASY!  Register online NOW at under “Events”! If you need childcare, it is free up to and including age 9; however, we have limited space, so registration is important! This is going to be an amazing event! Stepfamily Rx speakers will be on hand for conversations, assistance, and encouragement.

There will be drawings for a free dinner at Johnnies Steakhouse, movies, t-shirts, and more! Any questions, email me at

See you there!!  Blessings, dori:)


Register for Blended & Blessed!

2019 StepRx BlendedBlessed livestream flyer

This event is sponsored by Peace Church, Thrivent, and Stepfamily Rx. For stepcouples, engaged stepcouples, single parents! Ron Deal of “The Smart Stepfamily” and other national speakers providing GREAT information! Lunch and snacks provided. $20 per person. FREE childcare up to age 9, must register early, limited space. REGISTER NOW ONLINE AT under Events!


2019 StepRx BlendedBlessed livestream flyer

Oh yes, this year I have the awesome priviledge of helping host an AMAZING day listening to Ron Deal (The Smart Stepfamily) and several other national speakers. There will be Stepfamily Rx speakers available during breaks for Q&A. We will have some fun with drawings for dinner, movie tickets, t-shirts, table fanfare, and more!


SINGLE PARENTS? – Co-parenting skills will be presented by event speakers to help with communication, cooperation, and compromise. You are not alone!

STEPCOUPLES? – You will be in the company of other folks just like you including some of the event speakers that will offer information on getting through difficult days and how to look forward to and celebrate success.

BECOMING A STEPFAMILY? – This is definitely for you! Knowledge is power. Avoid just planning your wedding day, PREPARE for a stepfamily marriage!

Register now, limited space for childcare!

Any questions, email me at




My Interview Podcast – Check it out!!

I was recently interviewed for a podcast. Please click on the below link. Thank you, Lord, and Rhonda Noordyk of the Women’s Wellness Financial Center! //

Too Many Sheep….

Image result for sheep following the wrong crowd

One of the profound paradigm shifts I experienced last week at the Creation Museum and Equipping Families conference was that too easily we follow what we are told, what we see and what we hear. We want to be “in” and “popular”. Rather, God’s Word has an answer for every situation in our lives. God is our authority. Man’s word has resulted in deviation from God’s Word.

In stepliving we might feel we are “different, jaded, odd, dysfunctional, alone, etc.” when again so much of what I’ve lived and am living through exists in the pages of my Bible. (p.s. we are not any of those things different from anybody else!) Forgiveness, patience, endurance, kindness…are all ingredients for life and for stepliving.

The below article from Alistair Begg and Truth for Living is a testimony for us Christians that when things get tough, get unbearable….God is pruning, shaping, or forming us for bigger and better things. I can honestly tell you I am a living example of that!

Blessings! dori:)

GFG is launched!

GirlForGod Ministries

I am very excited to announce my new title: Girl For God Ministries. This will enable me to broaden my speaking topic capabilities as well as continue on with Stepfamily Rx and other services listed on the header.

Struggling with other names and messages was frustrating until one quiet moment it occurred to me who and Whose I really am….a girl for God. Then it was just a matter of receiving help from a Christian man, Randy Brunette/Creative Visual Marketing, who put together the entire look.

My mission now is to truly serve God by serving others in as many ways as He opens the door to.

I recently had the great priviledge of visiting the Creation Museum that Ken Ham began and the Ark Encounter as well. My soul sang as the truth flowed out from the speakers and the exhibits. No more Hallmark Ark for me or my grandchildren….but that’s another blog!

Until next time….  “Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the Lord!” Ps 119:1 ESV

Full-Size Noah’s Ark

Just try harder….

Our minds habitually play tricks on us. We ponder, we plan, we expect, and we wait. And then   Explosion Detonation Blast Burst Fulminati.

Nothing goes as planned, as a matter of fact things seem to go even more topsy-turvy than we could have imagined. And so it goes in many stepfamilies.

Trying harder is NOT the best answer. As a matter of fact, emerging research shows less stress, less problems, when we stepparents assess a situation and lovingly step back. It’s not difficult to tell a step-teen (just an example!), “I feel that I’m annoying you right now, and I understand that people can do that to each other occasionally. I respect your space, let me know if you need anything,”

Please do not construe my words as avoiding, detaching, or isolating. We all need time-outs, privacy, quiet. TIME is your very best friend as a stepparent. What’s the rush….the kids never asked to be born, never chose their parents, and certainly didn’t choose death, divorce, or remarriage. Keep your Bible open, talk to God, you will be ok.


5th Annual Stepfamily Rx Conference Pictures & Feedback!

Some attendee feedback:

“Exceeded expectations…(knowing) we’re living under same conditions (as others)…I will share my experience!…appreciated hearing about being a child of divorce (from adult speaker)…helped me focus on my faith…loved it all!!…awesome to hear different testimonies…event was awesome…(appreciated) raw examples from (speakers’) lives…would love to hear teens’ perspectives.”

This is what keeps me going when the enemy wants to fill my head with any kind of failure or exhaustion. I see the participant’s eyes and faces, I hear the gratitude  in their voice. The room was filled with the Holy Spirit. There was so much prayer on this day! At the end of the day, I asked my high school tech guy what his thoughts were. You know what he said in his first words? “I’d like to hang out in this next year.”  WOW!!!!!  Even though he is not in a stepfamily, he was impacted by the day, the speakers…and I asked him to pray about perhaps speaking as a teen and especially asking some of his step-living or single parent friends if they would speak next year. Honestly, I was STUNNED that he was so open and intrigued. Thank you Father God, thank you!


(L to R) Pastor Dave, Matt & Erin/7 children between the two, Dori Pulse/Stepfamily Rx, Krista/Sonset Point Ministries, Kim/LPC, and in back, Brandon/Adult child of divorce.

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