(A note….my cell phone is from WA state. We lived there for a couple of years. I’ve just kept the same number. We live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. -July 23, 2018)

Everything changed when I said, “I do.”

That is exactly how I felt after I married my husband and became a step-mom to his 12 year old daughter. We had both been married before. I have two sons, the youngest graduated right before we were married, so our home involved only the two of us except for his daughter’s visitations.

It wasn’t long before we were mired down in triangulation, manipulations, loyalty issues, and lots of hurt and disappointment. Sure there were good times too, but… “What happened and why and how were we going to get through this?” Why were these negative feelings coming up?  Why couldn’t we all be happy all of the time? (ok, most or at least some of the time?)

We were married in 1998 and when I attempted to find marriage counseling for us, there weren’t any stepfamily therapists in our immediate area. I felt alone, confused, and disappointed. Thankfully God placed some women in my path that helped me understand what I was going through was quite “normal”. I stopped feeling like I was going crazy.

In 2003, I began study and graduated magna cum laude in 2006 from Concordia University in St. Paul, MN, majoring in Theology and Psychology. I am a seasoned speaker in my Industry, HOBY, American Heart Assocition, Chamber events, Concordia University Jr. High Youth Gatherings, and Women’s Retreats.  I facilitate Divorce Care at my church, and I am marketing myself as a speaker and a blogger. I have also completed my first book, “Everything Changed When I Said ‘I Do’ – Preparing for and Living as a God-First Stepfamily”.

I have a great passion for God and for helping people….I pray that you find help here through browsing, sharing your experience, asking questions, and reading other resources I’ve listed.

Oh…and pansies are my favorite flower because I feel happy and joyful when I look at them and their multitude of color variations.  I also see angel forms when I look at the center of these delightful flowers.

Thank you for visiting my site and God bless you!


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