Some Would Say We’re Worthless….

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A friend privately messaged me about people in her life, including a person of love interest, telling her that because she is divorced, she is not marriage material, she is “doomed” to single life. She inspired me today to return to my blog and write. Below is a modified version of what I shared with her as I thought of more to say..

Hi love…you may have just inspired to me write on my blog. It is people’s legalism that think and believe like those you describe above! Have they not committed any sin? There are no levels of sin…God hates divorce, God hates sin….SIN is what separates us from God, not divorce. Once we surrender to Christ and accept Him into our hearts as Lord and Savior and repent of our sins (believe me, I had plenty to repent for!!)….our hearts are changed, we are transformed, we are BORN AGAIN! Therefore, we are a new creature in Christ and wonderful considerations as a spouse. I am divorced twice, although my 2nd husband has passed away, but when I fell to my knees in surrender and repentance, I felt the blood of Jesus wash over me. I felt amazing love and complete forgiveness. When I facilitate Divorce Care, I stress not having sex before marriage (that too is a sin), but it also blinds us, especially women. Women want to be loved and many times falsely believe pre-marital intimacy is love. It is absolutely essential that two are equally yoked in Christ before marriage, otherwise Satan will have more success than failures. And the marriage will still have difficulties and hardship between the good times and joy. When both man and woman are committed to Christ and deem Him above everyone and everything else…..that is when first marriage or next marriage after divorce will best be filled with the fruits of the Spirit. If you have given your heart and soul to Jesus, pray that God will bring a godly man into your life. There are false Christians out there….we must be discerning and very patient. It will be worth the wait!! I love you…don’t allow legalists to put you down!

I no longer live in bondage, I am free. Jesus Christ is my everything. Although I am still faulty and sin, I do not purposely seek to sin and hurt God. I repent of my behaviors when not in line with Scripture. As the image above says, God is with me….before, during, and after my choices. The difference is now I pray about my choices, because I believe God has a plan for me. I am fearless in speaking about Jesus and His presence in my life. I may be divorced twice, but before this marriage to Bob, I surrendered my life to Christ and although not a perfect spouse, I am a worthy spouse as daughter of the King.

Well, this was great, I need to be here writing more!

Blessings everyone! dori:)

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