Somewhere to talk….


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It’s been an incredible time since mid-March when our lives were turned upside down, relationships reeled, businesses suffered, Zoom fatigue was born. We couldn’t call up someone to meet us for lunch or coffee and talk over heartache or share happiness.

Someone said to me recently, “I wonder how many babies will be born in nine months” during the two week complete national shut-down. In my ministry it isn’t about birth, I wondered about death during the long weeks of isolation, “stay home” …death of a marriage that was already suffering or death of hope in a stepfamily because of upset schedules. We don’t have to feel alone. We stepfamilies are not odd, abnormal, weird, or unnatural. We are different. We deal with loyalties and history as we merge together and take steps to create new memories.

August 8th will be my 7th Stepfamily Rx Conference. It is a place to share and learn as well as be supported and encouraged. See the flyer in the margin.

Blessings everyone!


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