The Importance of Connection

ConnectionHands    As a speaker, I continue to seek out connections especially during this time of solitude and “no touching” as we watch and listen to how the Covid19 virus is changing our normal way of life.

I need connection with positive-minded, Christ-centered people, women especially. I am fueled, energized, and my love tank is refilled. We need a multitude of individuals that can offer a difference in opinion, some spice, and knowledge; people to love and support and encourage who and what we are.

To grow and learn, I subscribe to devotionals and to speaker professionals…so that I can serve to the best of my ability, my two favorite things: God and people. In an email that I received last week, one speaker professional listed a TedTalk that he promoted as worth watching.

I am sharing it with you because I am a survivor…an end result of what this video is about. Someone recently called me a “wounded healer” and although that sounded a bit like Oral Roberts (some of you will understand…wink, wink), it is true. I lived through what Brene Brown personally experienced. We both survived and can now turn to share and help others with our stories. Check it out for improving your connections:

1 thought on “The Importance of Connection

  1. Nothing we go through is wasted in the Kingdom of God. He is using your experiences to be a balm for others and will also continue to bring you healing and wholeness as you use your gifts for His high calling. It is exciting to see how the ministry He called you to is unfolding.


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