Delight or Darkness

GodlyChoiceChange       Every single day of our lives we face choices. Big, little, meaningful or minor. What is important to remember is that within each fork is another fork and before we know it, if we’re not paying attention, we find ourselves exactly where we do NOT want to be.

Making godly choices are exquisite in that when we invite God into our day upon rising, He is with us. Asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom is…well, wise. And hitting the “pause button” before making an important choice is often the best thing we can do.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to Kohl’s to return something I felt was “important” at the time that I didn’t need to “choose” on Amazon. 😉

Live today like it’s all you have left with gratitude, learn something new, and love others.

Live, Learn, Love….the Jesus way!

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