Wishy-washy attitudes

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The following post was on my Facebook feed this morning and it struck me:

“Lukewarm people don’t really want to be saved from their sin; they want only to be saved from the penalty of their sin…..Ouch!”    -Frances Chan
The years since my surrender in 1997 have been filled with a ton of ups and downs, but one thing that did not happen was any waffleing about Whose I am. Before my surrender, I was a chameleon that became whatever my circumstances dictated. I was a people pleaser, didn’t want anyone to not like me, and pursued what I thought was living a “good” life.
Now I find myself in a time where it is eternally critical to stand for my moral beliefs in Christ and not waffle, not be a chameleon, not bend toward pursuing people liking me.
Living for Jesus has been the single most amazing experience! I see Him in my life, I have seen the blessings, I have gone through the ups and downs and know it is for my eternal salvation that I suffer or that I shine. I accept my consequences when I make poor choices, but I also find that they are becoming less since my surrender and being committed to making proper choices.
Pausing, praying, purposefully allowing God to choose my path isn’t always easy, and sometimes even a bit scarey…..but it’s always certainly worth it!
Have a wonderful joy-filled day! Blessings……

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