How’s Your Vision?

happy new year 2020. 2020 with glasses on isolated background     I read a terrific article the other day from John Piper’s site, Desiring God. It spoke about how we begin our day. What are we putting in our heads and hearts first thing? I reflected on this and realized I’d slipped again into a routine that justified my age and stage in life rather than my spiritual, emotional, and ultimately physical well-being.

So, my decision rather than resolution will be to begin each day with my Bible after I watch Joyce Meyers at 6:30 a.m. She is a good teacher and although not perfect, I glean important spiritual points from her and she usually causes me to look up the Scriptures she is speaking on.

An elderly gentleman at church last weekend remarked about 2020 and perfect vision. I hadn’t even thought of it that way because I hadn’t seen any images relating the year 2020 to eyes or eyewear. But once he said that my mind began to swirl and ponder.

I considered my mental vision. I will not look in the rearview mirror as I enter tomorrow, the first day of 2020, I will focus on the windshield….the broad future that lies ahead. God has my steering wheel and I have my will to trust Him to take me where His plans are. I am expecting great things.

Happy Blessed New Year to you all! How are you “looking at” your new year….behind you or what’s ahead?

God Bless America….let’s end the animosity, please. Our vision for America should be solidarity not strife.


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