Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Dog lover

Ok, I have grown up around dogs. I love dogs. I had three Miniature Schnauzers while my sons grew up, and currently I have a Toy Schnauzer. However, I wanted to post and talk about loving an animal more than a person as another relationship story about a dog coming between two people that profess to love each other came to me this morning. In Divorce Care as well, I’ve heard numerous sad and manipulative situations over a pet dog when couples split or divorce.

Dogs are loyal and don’t talk back, lie, cheat on us, or gossip. They love us, poop, pee, bite, eat, and sleep. However, in the realm of a marriage or relationship, when the one you love is spending more time in the dog house than the dog, there’s a problem. Not a dog problem, a people problem. And…certain problems even Cesar Millan cannot help with.

The holidays are an especially stressful time. I believe Jesus wants to remind us that this life is temporary and it’s His birth and His life and love for us that is most important. It seems that even the smallest issues blow up during the Christmas season. So, if your spouse or significant other is seriously telling you their dog is more important than you, and it’s deteriorating your relationship…that’s a hefty message that needs attention. And for those of you that use pets to control, manipulate, or hurt others that love the pet too…well, that’s just plain cruel, right?

Mind what really matters…love each other as Christ loves you. Merry Christmas!

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