Jojo Rabbit…the power of influence

jojo rabbit image

Mia culpa! My apologies for being absent! Ever felt like an octopus on a skateboard? Well, that’s how it’s felt these past months…overseeing an elderly dad, one of my best friends dying of cancer, work, meetings, house, lawn, and just plain stuff! I was reminded this morning of the need for God in my life more and more and more.

Ok, back to the movie. Were there moments of laughter? Yes. Moments when a tear ran down my cheek? Yes. Did I feel myself shudder during actual black and white film clips of Hitlerisms? Yes. But what really struck home to me was the powerful, undeniable, life-altering influence of Jojo’s environment. His home, friends, German soldiers,Gestapo individuals, and a room full of posters all had an effect. I tried to imagine what Jojo would do in our world today with television and the internet’s influence.  His “world” was actually pretty small in comparable context.

The cast was remarkable, but the message to me clear. Let us step back and think about childhood innocence. These little characters are our future. What are we doing to show them the love of Jesus, to protect them where/when we can from images, words, and actions, and to teach them respect, responsibility, and reverence? Hmmmm?

God bless America and God bless all families, for they are the heart of our country.

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