GFG is launched!

GirlForGod Ministries

I am very excited to announce my new title: Girl For God Ministries. This will enable me to broaden my speaking topic capabilities as well as continue on with Stepfamily Rx and other services listed on the header.

Struggling with other names and messages was frustrating until one quiet moment it occurred to me who and Whose I really am….a girl for God. Then it was just a matter of receiving help from a Christian man, Randy Brunette/Creative Visual Marketing, who put together the entire look.

My mission now is to truly serve God by serving others in as many ways as He opens the door to.

I recently had the great priviledge of visiting the Creation Museum that Ken Ham began and the Ark Encounter as well. My soul sang as the truth flowed out from the speakers and the exhibits. No more Hallmark Ark for me or my grandchildren….but that’s another blog!

Until next time….  “Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the Lord!” Ps 119:1 ESV

Full-Size Noah’s Ark

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