Impact or Imprint?

birthday¬†Hello everyone! I apologize I’ve been absent from regular posts and I pray you will forgive me.

Ok! Yesterday was my birthday and I officially turned the clock at 5:39 p.m. I love birthdays whether it is mine or someone else’s. I turn into a giggly kid. It’s personal, festive, celebratory.

I began a personal page on Facebook to stay in contact with friends, classmates, and find and reconnect with long-distance relatives. I’ve been very successful seeking and “friending” important people to me.

I’ve also broadened my techie expertise and opened business pages; one for my book “Everything Changed When I Said ‘I Do;”-Prescriptions for Living as a God-First Stepfamily” and recently one for my ministry “Stepfamily Rx-Prescriptions for Stepliving”. The other day I looked at my personal page and I read that I have over 400 “friends.” Really??

So, yesterday on my birthday, I am the recipient of mounds of birthday wishes via Facebook, emails, phone calls, and texts. Really?? Yes…and I began to feel the warmth of humility and gratitude. I will not leave this world with money or pieces of property or fat inheritances of any kind. The world recognizes the impact of material wealth.

No, I will leave this world with what I pray for every day: That I leave an imprint on people’s hearts and lives. This is a legacy that is more important than money, property, jewels. For all these things will pass. But an imprint legacy left on someone’s heart…a stepchild, family member, friend, grieving person, or whomever is a real and true treasure.

Steve Covey told a story at a trade show that “imprinted” my heart many years ago. A story about someone’s funeral only to find out it was ours. There would be four speakers: Someone from family, friends, work, church/community. Would we KNOW what they would say, or would we HOPE to know what they would say. I want to know what they will say.

Live and love like it matters!

God’s blessings and peace, dori:)