The Boundary Behavior Police

Ok, so I just posted an article about boundaries. I had an epiphany yesterday during my prayer time as to what I had slunk into…..

On Monday March 16th, I decided I was going to stop giving my power to the tv. I drew a boundary. I realized this is what I was doing Monday through Friday: I would get up early in the morning, make coffee, pray, go down and watch the Golden Girls until 9:00. Then I’d go into my office and catch up on emails…then progress to FaceBook. Soon it was noon. Then I would fix myself a salad and watch the noon news. Then I’d go back to work. About 2:00, I’d see what Giada on Food Network was doing, then it was the Barefoot Contessa at 3:00, which took me to Jeopardy at 4:00. At 4:30 maybe I’d go back to work for a bit or I’d watch Entertainment Tonight. At 5:00 it was local news, at 5:30 national news. At 6:00 I’d go back to work until 6:30 and then it was time to watch Wheel of Fortune. At 6:30 I might go back to work for a bit and then back to tv to watch a movie, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, and then the Golden Girls again, falling asleep in my recliner until midnight. Then I’d go upstairs, wash my face, brush my teeth, waking myself up again so I had to read to get tired and fall asleep by 1:00 and then up at 6:00….to start all over again!

Yeah, now you know why I wrote about boundaries! 😉 I had convinced myself that my pseudo-retirement meant I had permission to squander my time while creating a more permanent dent in my recliner. Having a husband that works out of town all week provides unchecked freedom as well. So, I became sweetly aware that I can have fun and I do have the ability to come and go as I please. I did work hard for many years. But I also have a lot to give before I die and my tv certainly won’t speak on my legacy behalf!

I’ve dedicated this week to tv fasting…so far, so good! Detox and cleanse…ahhhh.

Blessings all…..

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