Mom Pulse Bday frnds 2013Me n Mom PulseOctober has become a bittersweet month for me. My parent’s anniversary is the 9th, they would have been married 63 years this year. October 22nd (yesterday) was the fourth anniversary of my mom’s passing, her funeral was on my husband’s birthday the 26th. October 10th was my mom-in-law’s birthday. She had her first stroke in 2012 in late September. Many visits to Dove West for a year. Bob and I took her out (via Abbey Van) last October, 2013, for her one and only social outing….a birthday party with her friends Kay, LaRea, Lorraine, and others. About a week and a half later, the second stroke on October 29, 2013, was her last and she passed to heaven on my birthday, November 4th. Even though this month is a month filled with memories of loss, it is also a month of remembering family and celebrating their lives.

Families and stepfamilies are critical components of our life’s journey. No matter how messy, how difficult, how enmeshed, how……anything, we are connected and intricately woven into each other’s lives. One thing we cannot stop and have absolutely no control over is time. As I’ve grown older and better, I embrace my relationships. I forgive much more easily and completely. I have lessened my expectations and take things less personally. I leave judgments to God.

I’ve discovered that I have control over me and that’s about it. 🙂 I pray daily, I seek God’s Word as often as I can, and certainly that’s not enough! I urge you to reach out to others in love if you can, and if you cannot, pray for them. We have no idea when we will be called home….or when a loved one will be called. And….don’t be afraid to tell those you love that you love them. One thing that is really hard to live with or die with….is regret.

God bless you. ❤

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