Summer Days

Greetings everyone!

These days it seems summer comes and goes in the Midwest with hot, then cool, then cold days, then back to hot. Today is supposed to reach 90, so a good day to be next to the water or under the cool shade of a tree with a picnic basket.

I am reminded today of the simplicity of days gone by. Some people on FaceBook do a “Throwback Thursday”, posting old family photos. I get very nostalgic when I see my family’s photos from days gone by. I recall those summer days of running up and down the pasture hills on our farm. I avoided hanging around the house too much, as there was an unending list of chores to do, garden to hoe, lawn to mow. I loved going barefoot and running, just running. Little pale butterflies would be sunning themselves on the roadway by the hundreds. The smell of cut hay on a drive quickly pulls me back to the memory of tractors, haywagons, and all the work I did with “making hay.”

This is the life of stepfamilies as well. Memories and histories of life in the past. We cannot simply glue it to our lives today as it is of a completely different fabric. Instead, it is important to remember that another’s memories and history is just as important to them as our memories and history is to us. Respect and honor for each other is paramount. Memories and history can and could be shared but should never be a threat. When we remarry and create a stepfamily, we lovingly release the attachments of those previous memories and histories, so that we can develop, weave, and attach new memories and histories with our new families. Just a note…I said to release the “attachment”, not to release the memories themselves.

Our memories are important and serve as experiences and lessons. We should learn from them. Today is a sweet new day to rest in God’s love, enjoy the beauty of His creation, and love and hug your spouse and the children in your family. We will never have today again.

God bless you, dori:)

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