Choice and Attitude

Every day we are faced with innumerable choices. We aren’t even conscious of most of them. With a scan of the eye, a creamer choice for our first cup of coffee, a television station as we scan the Guide, make the bed now or later, a parking spot…here or there and on it goes. Each choice presents a certain fork in the road. Some forks are more prominent than others. When it comes to a parking spot that is “here or there”, it is not quite as pivotal as for example, a choice in gossiping or not. We have the power of choice and attitude!

I was reading a daily devotional from and it was another reminder as we begin the week after Easter morning…HE IS RISEN, HE IS RISEN INDEED!…how we will use the beautiful Resurrection of our loving Christ in our marriage and relationships. Here is an excerpt of the devotion regarding a woman who married and then felt she married the wrong person.: 

“A change in attitude – About the same time God began to teach me that I hadn’t married the wrong person. I realized that I needed to become the wife God wanted me to be. For as long as I believed I was married to the wrong person, things just weren’t quite right with me.”

Amen and amen. If we allow Satan to enter the portals of our mind and take charge of our non-stop “personal recorders” in our brain to tell us we made a mistake in a covenant such as marriage, we will begin to feed on the thought and convince ourselves that we should get out while the getting is good. Satan loves to turn our minds to our self needs and wants…what we deserve.

Husbands and wives are faulty sinners. Yes, I get annoyed with my husband and I have the choice to needle him about it or be quiet. I annoy my husband and when he lets me know it, I can choose to either lovingly respond or again…be quiet. Silence is incredibly powerful at the right times. And then I begin to think about the attitude Jesus would have in these situations. I am beginning to get better and better at “showering” people and events with grace and kindness, even when it is very difficult to do so. Each Easter I watch the movie “The Passion of Christ”. The actors were cast so beautifully, it is as if I am actually present in the time. I weep many times through the movie and I need this. I need to be reminded what Jesus did for me out of pure agape love. He died in my place for my sinfulness. Loving Jesus and seeking to model Him, I can seek to have better attitudes and make better choices. 

God bless you…..

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