Stepfamilies – Forgiveness the Jesus way

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I just finished my radio interview on WHEM 91.3 here in Eau Claire and one of the topics I discussed on air and will present at my upcoming Stepfamily Rx seminar this Saturday (see details and information in an earlier post) is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not easy. Forgiveness is not a feeling or emotion, it is a decision. Our first step in understanding forgiveness is to realize and embrace the magnitude of the forgiveness Jesus has given us from the very day of our birth. No one has done to me the numerous and ongoing infractions and sinful behavior that I have done to Jesus. So when I embrace that thought, it is very humbling and causes me to think more deeply about how I live and forgive others. Many people do not even understand the correct context of forgiveness. It is not agreement with what the other person has done to me, it is not acceptance of the pain and woundedness to me, I do not need to live the life of a tortured martyr. Rather, it is the release of resentment, anger, and the power of my pain to the cross of Christ. There have been times in my life I firmly held on to unforgiveness, thinking “just wait, I hope something really BAD happens to you….I can NEVER forgive you….you’re going to PAY for what you did….maybe I’ll figure out a way to hurt you!!” That takes a lot of energy to hold all that inside. Negative, harmful, poisonous energy. I used to think my thoughts and wishes were hurting the other person! However, they were going about their life just fine with no repercussions of my thoughts and wishes for them. The bitterness that was planted and living in my heart was only hurting me. When I entered a surrendered relationship with God, I began to gain wisdom and maturity about many things; one of them forgiveness. I live more freely and lovingly now. Do people still hurt me, wound me? Yes. But now I can pray for them, ask God for help to give me the strength to forgive them, and I am able to go through each day more free, more loving, more of an example of the love of Christ. Join me in my seminar this Saturday at Peace Church to go deeper into understanding and living with a heart of forgiveness, it will be worth your time and your future! Stepliving is difficult and your marriage and family will truly benefit from a richer and deeper understanding of forgiveness. God bless you!   -dori:)

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