A chat at the nail salon

Today I was finishing up the details of emailing a broadcast of my upcoming seminar, organized some sales work, paid bills, and then decided I needed to get myself “girlified”. So off to the salon I went and while getting a pedicure, overheard the woman sitting next to me chatting with her nail tech about her interesting job at a local hospital’s hospice.  I shared what I was up to and when “like” people get together, even if total strangers, our commonality trumps all intimidation or introvertedness. She told me she had married a man who had no children…. when her two children were small, aged 7 and 4. They had one child together. That was many years ago, today the three do not talk to each other.  I shook my head sadly, appreciating the melancholy look on her face. Much resistance, pain, and all the “normal” dynamics that occur within many stepfamilies with children. She said, “I made so many mistakes”.  I comforted her and said not to feel guilty as we parents ALL make mistakes. I gave her the blog address and asked her to please visit this site and share…she said she had many stories, as she waved her hand getting up and leaving her pedicure chair. We shook hands and again I reminded her to not lose touch with me. We can all help each other…heal from previous feelings of hurt and guilt, help those in the midst of step-living, and certainly mentor and coach those entering marriage that will create a stepfamily. She agreed that preparation was absolutely essential. I sure hope to see you here, fine lady….

Blessings all, dori:)

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