As I begin this new adventure, I am experiencing the benefits of preparation for launching my blog. I have also become aware of how little preparation I did for remarriage and remarriage into a stepfamily. In my book (work in progress), I discuss a wide myriad of questions not many will probably want to think about, much less do in preparing for marriage within a stepfamily environment.  Why does the concept of asking really important, indepth, personal questions seem daunting?  If we cannot ask whatever we want to our potential spouse, how in the world are we going to spend the rest of our lives with them? Ah, good question. One I did not consider.

Here are some to ponder which are among topics not always discussed and known about one another: Medical history: Any serious issues? Substance Abuse? Genetics?  Faith: Belief in God..are you “equally yoked”? Do you have similar Scriptural beliefs in the definition of marriage and roles?

I have more questions in my upcoming book…but give me feedback on the above. If you are preparing for marriage, are you completely knowledgeable about these areas as they pertain to your beloved? Do you feel they are or are not important?

If you are married, reflect back on some things you wish you had known about your spouse and feel free to share….we can all learn from each other!

Thanks, dori:)