Stepfamily Rx Conference!! Updated!!

Due to CV19, we are taking precautions for LIMITED SEATING. Facemasks will be optional and distancing will be respected. After the shutdown, the need for support and encouragement for stepfamilies is great! We are here to partner with you!

An additional speaker and a surprise speaker! You will NOT want to miss this event!

The Importance of Connection

ConnectionHands    As a speaker, I continue to seek out connections especially during this time of solitude and “no touching” as we watch and listen to how the Covid19 virus is changing our normal way of life.

I need connection with positive-minded, Christ-centered people, women especially. I am fueled, energized, and my love tank is refilled. We need a multitude of individuals that can offer a difference in opinion, some spice, and knowledge; people to love and support and encourage who and what we are.

To grow and learn, I subscribe to devotionals and to speaker professionals…so that I can serve to the best of my ability, my two favorite things: God and people. In an email that I received last week, one speaker professional listed a TedTalk that he promoted as worth watching.

I am sharing it with you because I am a survivor…an end result of what this video is about. Someone recently called me a “wounded healer” and although that sounded a bit like Oral Roberts (some of you will understand…wink, wink), it is true. I lived through what Brene Brown personally experienced. We both survived and can now turn to share and help others with our stories. Check it out for improving your connections:

Delight or Darkness

GodlyChoiceChange       Every single day of our lives we face choices. Big, little, meaningful or minor. What is important to remember is that within each fork is another fork and before we know it, if we’re not paying attention, we find ourselves exactly where we do NOT want to be.

Making godly choices are exquisite in that when we invite God into our day upon rising, He is with us. Asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom is…well, wise. And hitting the “pause button” before making an important choice is often the best thing we can do.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to Kohl’s to return something I felt was “important” at the time that I didn’t need to “choose” on Amazon. 😉

Live today like it’s all you have left with gratitude, learn something new, and love others.

Live, Learn, Love….the Jesus way!

Not my Friend….

WomanSunsetContemplative        I was trying to find an image that expressed an emotional feeling that came over me when I received some tragic news about a friend of mine. Marilyn and I go back to the 80’s when I was a single mom and she took me under her wing in various ways. She is several years older than I. We’ve kept in touch occasionally over the years. We currently live within two hours of each other. It’s been about four years since I last saw her.

She’d been on my mind a lot lately, so I reached out to her daughter, Ari. Why I didn’t try Marilyn’s phone or write a letter to her home address….I believe is a God thing. Ari told me that her mom has been living in a memory care facility. I was shocked beyond asking for how long. It was like a punch in the chest. Not my friend. Not vibrant, classy, creative, fun Marilyn. Not a disease that steals parts and then all of memory and recall. Not my friend.

I wept, I grieved. I then remembered that our life here is precious, but temporary. Our true home is in heaven. How we end our life here is a mystery…some abrupt, some suffering, some lingering.

It’s already on my calendar in a couple of weeks to contact Ari so she can make arrangements and authorize my visit with Marilyn. I cherish the memories and laughter Marilyn and I shared. I hope to share more with her when I see her, but I also need to be prepared if she does not recognize me. Please Lord, not my friend….let us have one more visit sharing us.

Hug often, tell those you love that you love them…often. God bless you all…..

Divorce Does Not Define You…

Rhonda Noordyk _Me Podcast Cover

Rhonda Noordyk is an amazing financial resource for women going through separation and divorce. She also understands the value of multiple issues women experience such as fear, loneliness, etc., so she gathers other resources to offer a more full line of help for women. Rhonda asked me to do a podcast with her, below is the link…..

Wishy-washy attitudes

Prayer image

The following post was on my Facebook feed this morning and it struck me:

“Lukewarm people don’t really want to be saved from their sin; they want only to be saved from the penalty of their sin…..Ouch!”    -Frances Chan
The years since my surrender in 1997 have been filled with a ton of ups and downs, but one thing that did not happen was any waffleing about Whose I am. Before my surrender, I was a chameleon that became whatever my circumstances dictated. I was a people pleaser, didn’t want anyone to not like me, and pursued what I thought was living a “good” life.
Now I find myself in a time where it is eternally critical to stand for my moral beliefs in Christ and not waffle, not be a chameleon, not bend toward pursuing people liking me.
Living for Jesus has been the single most amazing experience! I see Him in my life, I have seen the blessings, I have gone through the ups and downs and know it is for my eternal salvation that I suffer or that I shine. I accept my consequences when I make poor choices, but I also find that they are becoming less since my surrender and being committed to making proper choices.
Pausing, praying, purposefully allowing God to choose my path isn’t always easy, and sometimes even a bit scarey…..but it’s always certainly worth it!
Have a wonderful joy-filled day! Blessings……

How’s Your Vision?

happy new year 2020. 2020 with glasses on isolated background     I read a terrific article the other day from John Piper’s site, Desiring God. It spoke about how we begin our day. What are we putting in our heads and hearts first thing? I reflected on this and realized I’d slipped again into a routine that justified my age and stage in life rather than my spiritual, emotional, and ultimately physical well-being.

So, my decision rather than resolution will be to begin each day with my Bible after I watch Joyce Meyers at 6:30 a.m. She is a good teacher and although not perfect, I glean important spiritual points from her and she usually causes me to look up the Scriptures she is speaking on.

An elderly gentleman at church last weekend remarked about 2020 and perfect vision. I hadn’t even thought of it that way because I hadn’t seen any images relating the year 2020 to eyes or eyewear. But once he said that my mind began to swirl and ponder.

I considered my mental vision. I will not look in the rearview mirror as I enter tomorrow, the first day of 2020, I will focus on the windshield….the broad future that lies ahead. God has my steering wheel and I have my will to trust Him to take me where His plans are. I am expecting great things.

Happy Blessed New Year to you all! How are you “looking at” your new year….behind you or what’s ahead?

God Bless America….let’s end the animosity, please. Our vision for America should be solidarity not strife.


Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Dog lover

Ok, I have grown up around dogs. I love dogs. I had three Miniature Schnauzers while my sons grew up, and currently I have a Toy Schnauzer. However, I wanted to post and talk about loving an animal more than a person as another relationship story about a dog coming between two people that profess to love each other came to me this morning. In Divorce Care as well, I’ve heard numerous sad and manipulative situations over a pet dog when couples split or divorce.

Dogs are loyal and don’t talk back, lie, cheat on us, or gossip. They love us, poop, pee, bite, eat, and sleep. However, in the realm of a marriage or relationship, when the one you love is spending more time in the dog house than the dog, there’s a problem. Not a dog problem, a people problem. And…certain problems even Cesar Millan cannot help with.

The holidays are an especially stressful time. I believe Jesus wants to remind us that this life is temporary and it’s His birth and His life and love for us that is most important. It seems that even the smallest issues blow up during the Christmas season. So, if your spouse or significant other is seriously telling you their dog is more important than you, and it’s deteriorating your relationship…that’s a hefty message that needs attention. And for those of you that use pets to control, manipulate, or hurt others that love the pet too…well, that’s just plain cruel, right?

Mind what really matters…love each other as Christ loves you. Merry Christmas!



I put this together for my LinkedIn site and when I found the parrot picture, it spoke volumes to me in several different ways. Words are powerful. Before you say something about someone… think: Is it kind, is it true, is it necessary?

We’ve all played “telephone” at one time or another and the message is never the same at the end as it was at the beginning. 😉

We just never know who is listening or how it will impact who we’re talking to!


Blessings, dori:)